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Katy's provides a last, loving forever home for senior dogs. We are a home-based sanctuary for old dogs who have lost their human parents or have been abandoned due to medical or other issues. Our mission is to give these dogs a loving home - a family that will be with them to the end. We evaluate each new dog and take care of not only their medical needs, but also their emotional needs. Many of our dogs have been through heartbreaking events and need time and love to recover and trust again. Our goal is for each of our dogs to be happy, to know they are loved and cared for, and to make their golden years as wonderful as we can. We have large yards for the dogs to run and play and all the dogs get time in the house with us.

Caring for our dogs brings us much love and laughter. However, it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of money and sadly, a lot of heartache. Each dog is a family member and if you have lost a beloved dog, you know the heartbreak of them passing over the rainbow bridge. By taking in old dogs, we know we will have to go through this pain too often. It's only bearable by knowing we gave each the love and happiness they would not have otherwise had, right to the end. And they all deserve that.

We now have 46 dogs and as we rely solely on donations, your support during Texoma Gives is so very critical for our dogs. Our budget is $50,000 per year, which includes vet visits, medication, surgeries, prescription food, regular food, treats, toys, pools, soft beds, grooming, etc. We have an all-volunteer staff, so all donations go directly to the needs of our dogs. We are so grateful for any amount you can give.

Katy's is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. You can reach us at katysdogplace@aol.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/katysdogplace , or on our website http://www.katysdogsanctuary.com .

We would like to introduce you to some of our pack members.

Sugar and Bitsy are the newest members of our family. Their Mom was on life support and no family members lived locally so they were frantically trying to find a rescue for these two old girls. As are all of the dogs that come to us under these circumstances, they were in shock and shut-down, with Sugar being the worst. Both are hard of hearing and Bitsy can barely see, but they have blossomed, and Sugar now runs zoomies in the yard when she isn't looking out for her sister. They are adamant about getting at least a tiny bit of our human food - their prior Mom did, so we are happy to keep up that tradition. If you don't believe things happen for a reason .... their Mom had been taken off life support the morning that her brother brought the girls to our place. But she had not passed away. He had to wait outside our gate for a while as we had to move some dogs around. He told me later that as soon as I had opened the gate, he got a call saying she had passed. He believes she couldn't leave until her girls had a good home.

Our Lucy relaxing under the bed covers! We rescued Lucy when we were called about a sick dog that was left behind after her owners moved. We rushed her to the vet and it was not good news - she had distemper (usually fatal) and the poor girl was less than a year old. Due in part to her age, we decided to try to save her and after weeks at our wonderful vet's office, she was allowed to come home. The distemper had caused a neurological issue which caused a tic/shaking on top of her head, but she was not in pain. She slowly gained strength and began showing her love and trust in us, when she got lock-jaw. We got her through that with syringe feeding and meds. Due to her health problems from distemper, there was no way to know if she would have a normal life/lifespan. Unfortunately, this discouraged potential adopters and she has lived with us ever since. She has two boyfriends - Jimmy (laid-back) and Charlie (definitely not laid-back). So, she enjoys a little alone time under the covers. She is such a sweet girl and has never stopped showing us her love and appreciation for saving her.

Who We Are

Our Mission:
To rescue abandoned and abused dogs and give them a safe, loving, forever home at our sanctuary or through adoption. To provide quality, life-time care for dogs with special needs. To improve the lives of neglected dogs in our communities by providing shelter, medical care and owner education.

Our Values:
We believe every dog deserves a safe, loving home, free from physical and mental neglect and abuse. We believe dogs with special needs those that are old or who have health or behavioral problems deserve a life of quality, to be loved and cared for as long as they live.

Our Vision:
To create communities in which all dogs are treated with compassion and respect, free from abuse and neglect.

Our History:
Katy’s Dog Place was established in 2009 to help abandoned and abused dogs in Clay County and the surrounding areas...

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